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There’s no one way to treat memory loss. When caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you have to consider medications, your own capabilities as a caregiver — even how you speak in everyday conversations. That’s why we created The Best Friends Approacha compassionate approach to memory care that takes all these factors into consideration, then leaves room for a personalized touch Trilogy is proud to provide. Here’s how.

What is The Best Friends Approach?

Inspired by David Troxel and Virginia Bell’s Best Friends™ Approach to Dementia Care, the Best Friends Approach (BFF) provides our residents with companions to join them on their journey in our Memory Care communities. Prior to move in, we’ll consult with family members to learn everything there is to know about their loved one – and we’ll use that knowledge to create a memory care experience that’s completely unique to them.

What we take into consideration.

  • What they prefer. Let’s say your mom doesn’t love coffee, but she also doesn’t love talking to new people. With any other provider, she’d be given her cup of coffee every morning — and no one would be the wiser. But at Trilogy, we would already know her likes and dislikes – and we’d be ready to accommodate with a cup of hot tea instead.
  • How they communicate.  If your dad responds well to hugs, we’ll be ready to meet him with open arms. If he likes playing games in silence, we’ll ask our caregivers to brush up on their chess game. And if he just likes seeing familiar faces, he’ll find comfort in knowing that our staff is entirely in-house – meaning that we’ll never be rotating his best friends in and out of the campus.
  • What brings them joy.  Whether they enjoy being cozied up with a good book or helping lead our next family dinner, we’ll make sure every day for your loved one is even more special than the last. By providing Memory Care residents with a sense of purpose, we help them rediscover their sense of selves – all while encouraging them to try new things, meet new people, and make their senior years some of their best ones yet.

Of course, our BFF Approach is just one way that we seek to enrich the lives of our Memory Care residents. There’s also the Montessori Method, our Daily Rhythms scheduling, and our Flavorful Dignity programs that seek to reignite the mind just as much as the heart. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog to learn more about our Memory Care services – and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to see it all for yourself!