At Trilogy, we believe in the power of friendship. When you have someone by your side who cares, a funny joke or a childhood story can make a rough day a great one, and a great one even better. That’s why we first created the Best Friends Approach – where memories are made, and where friendships begin. 

Inspired by David Troxel and Virginia Bell’s Best Friends™ Approach to Dementia Care, the BFF Approach provides our residents with Best Friends to join them on their journey in our Memory Care communities. If your father is known for his love of hot sauce, our caregivers will make sure it’s always at the table. If your mom has a favorite song, she can listen to it when she wishes, in the company of someone who cares about her. Or, in the case of one resident, if you have a favorite recipe you want to prepare – we’ll be there to help bring it to life.

Of course, Marjorie wanted to be sure that everyone had a chance to try her famous chocolate cake – so be sure to give the recipe a try for yourself!