Memory loss is complicated – both for the person directly affected, and for the people who love them. That’s why, through the Daily Rhythms program, we’re proud to respond to the needs of our residents by providing opportunities for engagement from morning until night.

The Daily Rhythms program has been designed to meet the individual needs of our residents. The program sets regular patterns in the mid-morning and the late afternoon, while offering a recharging rest period immediately after lunch. The order in which the categories of activities occur helps to set and maintain a healthy energy pattern.

 Activities include (but are not limited to):

• Keeping it Sharp (Cognitive Challenges/ Sensory Stimulation)

• Artisans (Creative Expression Projects)

• Connections (Physical or Cognitive Social Games)

• Vitality (Physical Exercise/Range of Motion)

Based on protocols embraced by Alzheimer’s Association, Daily Rhythms program ensures that our residents’ lives are filled with consistent opportunities for engagement, fun, and joy. For more information about memory care, visit