By Team Trilogy

Volunteering is a feel-good activity that anyone can do. It benefits both the one on the receiving end and the one doing the volunteer work. If you are thinking about becoming a volunteer, consider these quotes from current volunteers as they share their past volunteering experiences.

“Volunteering gives me a sense of purpose. I know others are counting on me.”

“I volunteer because I can share love and smiles and change lives.”

“I started volunteering to help others, now I realize they are the ones helping me.”

“I volunteer because I worked for years, now I get to do what I want to do.”

“I volunteer because I love seeing the smiles.”

You might be wondering where and how to get started. At our campus, there are ample opportunities to volunteer. Don’t feel like you have to possess a specific talent or experience – even the simplest activity can brighten a resident’s day!

Some of our volunteer opportunities include:

•Helping with our annual Campus in Color gardening competition

•Leading or co-leading a fun and meaningful activity

•Taking a walk with our residents

•Bringing a pet to our campus for residents to enjoy

•Sharing poetry or music

•Joining us on our outings

•Simply taking the time to talk with a resident

There are many more opportunities for volunteering at our campus, but hopefully this list will help you get started. Remember that, excluding any time specific events, you are able to choose the dates and times you are free to volunteer.

Take a look at some of our volunteers, young and old!