Congratulations to the team at The Willows at Howell in Howell, Michigan for helping resident Ms. Allene’s dreams come true this holiday season. Allene was one of the first residents at The Willows who always wanted to take a train trip to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

As the pandemic continued and time went on, her ability to make a long train trip became more difficult. However, this December, as part of Trilogy’s Live a Dream program, the team at The Willows drove Allene to Nashville, to live out her final wish. They enjoyed the road trip, dining out and taking in the sights along the way. She had an amazing time at the Christmas variety show, complete with backstage VIP passes! She even had her picture taken with one of the performers.

The following day Allene had to go into the emergency room in Nashville where she stayed several days. While in the hospital, she shared laughs and reminisced with Tanya and Heidi, her companions. She called people she wanted to say good-bye to. Medical transport was able to bring her home to the Willows team following in their vehicle during an overnight drive through the mountains and the storms that ultimately wreaked havoc on Eastern Tennessee and Kentucky. They made it safely home early where Allene spent her final days with her family, friends, and Willows family by her side. She passed away the next week Thank you, Team Willows, and Live a Dream, for helping Allene to live out her dream!