By Cameron Fry

When it comes to fulfilling Live a Dreams for our residents, not even the sky is the limit (In fact, it’s a popular destination). Our most recent recipient, Jacquelyn “Jackie” G. of Orchard Grove Health Campus in Romeo, MI, was able to live her dream by doing what she thought might be impossible – sailing on Lake Michigan with her family by her side.

– – –

Jackie’s granddaughter, Julie, is a sailor at heart. As a member of a sailing club on Lake Michigan, Julie loves spending time out on the open waters – almost as much she and her grandmother love each other. When the staff at Orchard Grove learned that Jackie wanted to go boating with Julie in Illinois, they began making plans with Live a Dream to get her there as safely and efficiently as possible. Before long, Jacquelyn was told that her dream would soon be coming true.

Surprised by their granddaughter, Jackie and her husband Larry learned that they would be going to Chicago.

Joined by the campus Life Enrichment Director and a CRCA, Jackie and her husband traveled to Illinois via a wheelchair-accessible train ride. Once they arrived in Chicago, they spent the day settling into their hotel before embarking upon their adventure. When Tuesday came, the gusts of the Windy City could hardly keep up with them as they sailed through Lake Michigan.

Thank you to Orchard Grove Health Campus for helping Jackie live her dream, and for going the extra mile to bring a loving family together.