By Cameron Fry

If you were to tour a Trilogy campus in the middle of one of our Theme Weeks, you might have a few questions. Important questions. Questions that one can and should ask themselves when making decisions about the next chapter in their life journey. Questions like…

-Did I forget a holiday or something? Why are the walls covered in decorations?

-Did I miss a memo about dressing like a movie star? Why does everyone here look incredible?

And perhaps most importantly: 

-Did I just see a group of seniors crash a staff meeting with paper snowballs?

Rest assured, you haven’t found yourself in some strange parallel universe – but you have picked the perfect time to see what Trilogy is all about. Whether it’s the laughter you hear roaring from the dining room, the peace you feel from the sound of violinists playing down the hall, or the smile you can see from a resident who’s happy just to see you, the experiences we have during Theme Weeks are more than just community fun – they’re what become our favorite memories. 

Held four times a year, Theme Weeks see our campuses transformed into something new entirely. Whether we’re converting our health campuses into chocolate factories or placing our bets in the Dining Room, our week-long themes are shaped by resident and employee interests, and serve as the basis of every themed game, meal, and resident-led snowball attack that our Life Enrichment and Culinary teams come together to plan. And in February, that meant putting on our biggest Theme Week yet: the Snowflake Ball. 

Whether they were leading them in winter scavenger hunts or participating in fireside knitting, our Life Enrichment teams helped our residents celebrate the end of winter in true Trilogy fashion – without worry and beside the people that they love. And once we’d worked up an appetite, our communities were treated to some of the best themed meals that our four star chef’s have prepared to date, ranging from delicious chocolate cream glazes to baked potatoes filled with eggs, vegetables, bacon, and cheese. 

Once we arrived at the weekend, it was hard not to feel a little bit of whiplash –  after all the preparations, another Theme Week had come and gone. While we were busy dancing the night away in our makeshift ballroom, we hardly noticed that time had passed by. But even as it does, our hearts continue to be filled with the moments we’ve been granted so far, and our excitement for what comes next means that the celebrating never stops for long. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make our Snowflake Ball Theme Week a success – we love living this life alongside you! 

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