A Lifestyle of Life Enrichment and 4-Star Culinary at Trilogy

At every one of our communities, you’ll never wake up worrying how in the world you’ll fill the time. We offer a wide range of Life Enrichment and Dining programs every week, each designed to promote creativity and brainpower, as well as mental and spiritual wellness. Your Monday may include gentle yoga. Tuesday could mean taking a cooking class from one of our chefs. One Wednesday, you might take a trip into town to visit the local Farmer’s Market. And if you need to stay connected from a distance, we have the technology and the know-how to keep you in touch with those you love.

Trilogy Health Services

Life Tastes Better Here

At Trilogy Health Services, we believe that if you really want to get to know someone, you share a meal with them. That’s why when people ask us what we’re all about, we invite them to dine with us. We take pride in every meal we serve, and the proof is on each plate. Dining is the most important thing we do three time a day, so for us, it’s not enough to create dishes that taste as good as they look. When you pull up a chair at our table, you’re treated to an experience- one that is sure to have you coming back for seconds.

Dining Culinary at Senior Community
Chef team member making desserts for Senior Living community members
Dining Culinary team at Senior Community serving drinks to residents
Chef team members using a grill outside

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Trilogy Health Services

Trilogy Travel Club

The Trilogy Travel Club is an all-inclusive travel service provided to the residents, friends, and family members of Trilogy Health Services. Think of us as your convenient, on-hand travel agents. We offer a variety of trips to exciting destinations, and we take care of all of the travel details for you. That means all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. Every trip also includes assistance from helpful Trilogy team members. While you’re busy making memories, you’ll be receiving the care and support services you need to feel your best. We’re here to serve you, so you can savor everything that life has to offer.

Dining Culinary at Senior Community

Trilogy Health Services

Live Life Enriched

It’s our passion at Trilogy Health Services to offer programs, outings and activities that cater to what makes you, you. Improve your physical wellbeing with our Vitality exercise programming. Find peace through scripture or hymns during Inspirations. Express yourself creatively during our Artisans program. Or just snag a handcrafted appetizer, your beverage of choice, and tap your feet to live music during our Happy Hour. Even if you do all of the above in the course of a day, you’ll still have a long list of different programs to choose from throughout the rest of the week. And who doesn’t love variety?

Senior community amenities and activities
Senior community residents playing bean bag toss
senior residents enjoying outdoor activities
Dining Culinary at Senior Community

Trilogy Health Services

Live a Dream

Our Live a Dream program was created to fulfill the lifelong dreams of residents in our communities throughout the Midwest. Over the years, the Trilogy Foundation has helped seniors whiz through the forest canopy on zip-lines, skyrocket into the stratosphere on hot air balloons, pilot planes, take once-in-a-lifetime trips, and reunite with family and friends they feared they may never see again. From ‘first times’ to ‘one last times’, the Live a Dream program has a track record of turning wishful thinking into wonderful reality.

The programs listed above are only the beginning. Contact a community near you today to learn more.

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