By Cameron Fry

At Trilogy Health Services, our residents don’t just stop to smell the roses – they help bring them to life! Held every spring, our Campus in Color gardening celebration rings in the season of renewal with fertilizer, fresh air, and friendships that continue to make our communities blossom. Here’s how. 

What is Campus in Color? 

A celebration of the culture behind our care, Campus in Color is an annual event which takes place on the grounds and in the garden areas of our campuses. Gardening is a popular activity among our residents – in fact, many of them will tell you that their formative years included a pair of gloves and loppers always close by. Tending to their inner horticulturist, Campus in Color invites our residents to participate in the growth of our gardens while they enjoy the sunniest days of the year so far. 

Why Campus in Color? 

In addition to being a great outdoor activity that makes our residents’ homes even more beautiful, Campus in Color provides therapeutic health benefits that tend to the physical and mental wellbeing of those who participate. As outlined by, here are just a few ways that our minds and bodies reward those who have a passion for botany: 

Gardening is exercise. Whether you’re planting, shoveling, or laughing, the act of gardening can help thwart off age-related weight gain and even help you get more hours of sleep. 

Gardening can help your memory. By participating in an active pastime, gardening can improve cognitive functions and has been shown to help restore memory for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  

Gardening helps you feel good. Accomplishing any task can be enough to strengthen your mood – but studies have shown that gardening specifically can help reduce anxiety and depression levels while boosting your self-esteem and feelings of connection.

How Can I Get Involved? 

Join us as a volunteer! Our residents are eager to meet new friends that they can grow with – and we would love to introduce you. Whether gardening is your passion or it’s your first time picking up a hand trowel, any of our senior living communities will be more than happy to have you. Click here to find a Trilogy senior living community near you! 

Campuses pictured: Walker’s Trail Senior Living in Danville, KY, Hearthstone Health Campus in Bloomington, IN, Violet Springs Health Campus in Pickerington, OH, North River Health Campus in Evansville, IN