Being mentally active is a sure-fire way to help your brain stay healthy and alert. Whether it’s learning a new language, dusting off your math skills, or immersing yourself in a new culture, keeping our minds engaged is just as beneficial to the brain as it is to the soul. 

When it comes to staying sharp, consider these seven areas…

Maximize educational opportunities. Continuing to learn as an adult, through formal course work or through self-study, is very beneficial to the mind!

Exercise the brain. Challenge your brain not only with simple cognitive tasks you enjoy, but also with tasks/brain puzzles that might be more difficult. This may be the best way to truly help your brain develop a “cognitive reserve”.

Exercise the body. Lower weight, lower cholesterol levels, lower sugar levels and better cardiovascular health may potentially decrease your risk of developing some types of dementia.

Eat a healthy diet. Diets that are rich in antioxidants, low in fat, and high in Omega-3’s have been said to increase brain health.

Socialize. Human beings are social creatures, and as such, we tend to thrive on contact with one another. Ensuring that we don’t isolate ourselves as we get older and less mobile can be important to keeping our brains in top shape.

Do something out of the ordinary. Our brains thrive on novel experiences. So, travel to a new place, take a different route home, brush your teeth with the other hand, or do anything that is different from what you do on a regular basis to stimulate your brain!

Reduce stress. Too much stress experienced over too long a period of time may increase one’s risk of developing dementia later in life. So, if you can’t avoid stress, be certain to develop some effective stress-reducing strategies for yourself.

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