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stages of dementia
May 16, 2024

Understanding the Developing Stages of Dementia

Navigating Alzheimer’s is difficult – both for the person affected and the loved ones supporting them. That’s why The Alzheimer’s Association has compiled a guide that outlines each stage of the disease – making note of risks to look out for and steps that should be taken accordingly. Early-stage Alzheimer’s. . . .

May 13, 2024

Welcome back to the Clinical Corner – and welcome to spring!

In previous editions of the CC (let’s see if we can make that stick), we’ve talked about the importance of keeping our bodies in shape. But exercising your mind is just as important as training any other muscle – and can be the key to leading an active, healthy lifestyle. . . .

alzheimer's risk factors graphic
May 7, 2024

8 Ways to Reduce Your Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Forgetfulness and fatigue are natural signs of aging. But when these are combined with additional risk factors, they can be a sign of Alzheimer’s – a disease that we can actively take steps to avoid. Awareness of these eight risk factors that can possibly bring about Alzheimer’s is important to . . .

assisted living vs memory care
May 3, 2024

Assisted Living vs. Memory Care – What’s The Difference?

You’ve probably come across Assisted Living and Memory Care on more than a few websites. While they share some similarities, these are two different service options that cater to the needs of two different types of older adults. It’s no secret that jumping into the world of senior living can . . .

Navigating the Cost of Memory Care
April 19, 2024

2 Tips for Navigating the Cost of Memory Care

There’s a lot to consider when choosing Memory Care for yourself or a loved one – and finances are almost always at the top of the list. That’s why we’re here to help.   Provided by the Alzheimer’s Association, here are two options to consider when trying to decide if the . . .

best friends approach blog
March 22, 2024

Going Beyond the Medicine – The Power of Compassionate Care in Memory Loss

There’s no one way to treat memory loss. When caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, you have to consider medications, your own capabilities as a caregiver — even how you speak in everyday conversations. That’s why we created The Best Friends Approach – a compassionate approach to memory care . . .

March 21, 2024

Welcome back to the Clinical Corner!

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather as we ease into spring. Many of you have probably experienced a cold during this transition period – which is why I wanted to offer some timeless advice. I remember growing up, and my mom would always want to feed me chicken . . .

March 15, 2024

How Daily Rhythms Can Improve Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory loss is complicated – both for the person directly affected, and for the people who love them. That’s why, through the Daily Rhythms program, we’re proud to respond to the needs of our residents by providing opportunities for engagement from morning until night. The Daily Rhythms program has been . . .

January 6, 2024

The Clinical Corner – The Benefits of Vitamin D

Welcome to 2023 everyone – and welcome back to the Clinical Corner!  At the beginning of the year, we see temperatures drop, a flu season in full swing, and more reasons than ever to stay inside and keep warm. During this time, it’s important that we all be mindful of . . .