By Brittany Hanson

If you missed our CEO Leigh Ann Barney speaking at McKnight’s Senior Living Women of Distinction Forum, you missed out on some valuable insights from three of the top women in the healthcare field. But not to worry! We’ve included some of Leigh Ann’s advice below.

On how to become a better leader:

“Leadership to me is like bodybuilding. If you want to build a muscle, you stretch it beyond what its capability is. You recover from that, and the next time you perform that action, it’s easier. You have to put things out there that challenge you and make you uncomfortable, then it becomes easier to do those things. That’s how you become a better leader.”

On what young women need to know:

Young people need to understand that you’re never off the growth journey. Grow yourself and keep grinding – that never stops! Find your passion; give yourself permission to not be perfect. There isn’t just a set plan – look for opportunities. Look for things that stretch you to grow. Look to make mistakes, because learning from mistakes makes you better. Go with the flow sometimes!”

On misconceptions that might exist when it comes to women in the workplace:

For one person to thrive, or a group to thrive, that doesn’t mean the other has to suffer.”

On where men fit in the picture:

“I’ve been blessed because my main mentors have been men. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them, but that’s because there weren’t women I had around me to look up to. Men may have an unconscious bias because they hang out together more – things like golf, bars, and other networking events. Men need to be purposeful in growing their network of women, and as women, we need to find ways to be in this network, as well.”

On how to make the workplace better for all women:

You have to talk to your employees and understand their needs during different lifecycles. For example, new women might wonder, ‘What’s my career advancement? What are my educational opportunities?’ You need to offer programs that meet different needs, whether they want to advance their careers and pursue their education or slow down. Look at where your employees are and what they’re looking for at that time.”

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