By Team Trilogy

At Trilogy, it’s all about our customers. Everything we do, from the smallest acts of kindness to the grandest gestures of goodwill is based in our belief that our residents come first. We’d do just about anything to see them smile, and oftentimes, this means making a dream come true. Pat’s dream was to take a trip back home. In honor of Customer Service Week, we’d like to share her story with you.

In 1960, Fred and Pat built their first home from Bedford stone on 30 acres of Indiana land. During the 56 years they spent living there, they filled each room with the laughter of their children (three daughters and one son), the smell of home-cooked meals, and the love that comes from being married to your best friend.

Pat now lives at The Springs of Mooresville, where she has long dreamed of visiting the home that holds so many happy memories inside its walls. Thanks to the staff at The Springs, along with our Live a Dream program, her dream came true.

During the course of an afternoon, Pat was reacquainted with the house she and her husband had built. She smiled as she remembered sitting next to Fred on their back porch, watching birds happily pick at their wild cherry trees. She showed staff members where she would work in her garden, and spoke about the art of canning bright summer vegetables to be enjoyed in the winter months. While growing up, her children were free to explore the countryside, and often came home smelling like creek water and grass. Everyone agreed – it was the perfect place to raise a family.

Pat sat at her dining room table for lunch, where staff members served her wine and an Italian meal from her favorite restaurant, Sal’s. All present were also treated to a glimpse inside Pat’s garage, where she kept her mint-condition car. Before returning to the campus, staff members loaded up Pat’s favorite recliner so she could enjoy it in her room at The Springs.