By Team Trilogy

At Trilogy, we are committed to providing the best experience possible for our employees. To us, that includes every area of their lives, including their wellness. In keeping with this commitment, we have adopted one week in June as Wellness Week for Trilogy!

This year, we were especially pleased to be able to announce our new employee wellness program, TrilogyFIT! TrilogyFIT is an all-encompassing program that not only focuses on the physical aspect of wellness but also addresses mental and emotional health.

What does FIT mean? It stands for three simple steps to take in your personal journey, and the first step starts with YOU!

Focus on you – Identify the areas in your life that you can improve.

Identify goals – Set a goal to start your personal journey.

Take the first step toward achieving your goal and enhancing your wellbeing.

The Trilogy 200, which is in its 4th year, is the signature event of Trilogy’s Wellness Week. This year, 37 riders pedaled the 200 miles to tour nine of our Trilogy campuses in Michigan from June 7th – 9th. Click here to see all the fun residents and employees had at each stop along the way!

We’d also like to congratulate Park Terrace Health Campus on winning our Wellness Week Campus Challenge! They celebrated each day of Wellness Week with a special event. 

Monday – The week began with a 5K walk through Iroquois Park. Every participant, including 10 employees and 11 family members, completed the walk with encouragement and a few water stops. The day ended with a movie night featuring Grease at the Iroquois Amphitheater.

Tuesday – The second day of wellness week featured Diabetes education at the campus complete with giveaways and helpful handouts.

Wednesday – This was a day focused on the Wellness Table with staff learning about healthier meal and snack options. On this day, Park Terrace also started a Stop Smoking group. This group will meet once a week until all five members have stopped smoking!

Thursday – Staff got residents involved with a Bubble Wellness Walk where each staff member escorted a resident through a half mile of bubbles!

Friday – At the end of the week, the staff rewarded themselves with some delicious green smoothies made with pineapple, mango, strawberries, blueberries, and spinach.

The best part is Park Terrace is committed to continuing weekly walks off campus. They plan on walking the Louisville Loop by the end of the year – that’s over 100 miles! The Loop includes parks, the walking bridge, historical landmarks, and more. The times will be different each week so everyone has a chance to participate. The employees who are quitting smoking are trying to quit by August 1st. To support this, they will meet once a week to support and educate each other. 

Thank you to Park Terrace and to everyone involved in our Wellness Week activities for your commitment to wellness. To see more of Trilogy’s wellness activities, visit our Facebook page or follow TrilogyFIT on Twitter!