By Team Trilogy

At Trilogy, we offer the best in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Through a number of specialty programs led by our Memory Care staff in our Legacy and Legacy Lane Neighborhoods, we create an atmosphere in which those living with memory loss can thrive. That’s why we are launching our Legacy Series to introduce our customers to some of the very best in Memory Care programming in your communities! Over the next six months, we’ll be highlighting different programs we offer our Legacy and Legacy Lane residents along with fun activities and tips for those who are caring for someone with dementia.

This month, we’re focusing our attention on our Artisans program which encourages our residents to find their own unique creative outlet. Why? The positive effects of artistic expression for those living with dementia are well documented. For many, art becomes the person’s “voice” when memory loss and cognitive decline have stolen the words formerly used to express thoughts and feelings. Knowing this, Trilogy Legacy neighborhoods and Legacy Lanes have included daily artistic activities into our Daily Rhythms life enrichment programming. A variety of crafts and artistic pursuits have been offered to our residents over the past eight years, and recently we’ve stepped up our efforts by offering more creative and sophisticated art projects. Foil art, Pollock-style paintings, Matisse appliqués, etc. are helping us bring a greater variety of artistic expression to our residents while increasing the quality of projects our residents are creating.

We are very excited to have this program for our Legacy and Legacy Lane residents. If you are a family member of one of our Memory Care residents, please feel free to ask our Memory Care or Life Enrichment leader about Artisans activities in your campus.

Artisans Project – Busy Blanket

In recognition of World Alzheimer’s Month and National Sewing Month, we want to share with you a special piece that you can create that will greatly benefit your loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Often during later stages of dementia, a person’s hands will fidget, looking for something to do or something to hold on to. A busy blanket is the perfect tool to calm the hands and soothe the nerves.

What is wonderful about a busy blanket is that you can create any activity you choose from zipping and unzipping, buttoning or buckling, to simply touching or smoothing different materials and textures. The key to a wonderful busy blanket is tailoring it specifically to your loved one. That’s why it makes a perfect activity to complete together or give as a gift.

Take a look at some of the wonderful busy blankets created on Pinterest and get inspired to create your own for your loved one.

We hope you find our new series enlightening! Be sure to look for a new Memory Care-specific post next month!