Article provided by LTC Heroes

Compassion, honesty, respect, and—above all—service to others. These have been Trilogy’s core values for over two decades. They are part of a commitment known as the Trilogy difference, a unique approach to long-term care that results in outstanding coordination and care. “To be able to witness what all of our staff do to keep our residents safe, it’s amazing,” said Dalyn Miller, Trilogy Health Services division vice president, during a recent appearance on LTC Heroes. He and fellow division vice president Melissa Larmour, were interviewed on the top-rated long-term care podcast during the 2022 Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities annual meeting.

When Experience Care’s Peter Murphy Lewis asked about the source of Trilogy’s outstanding culture, Lamour explained it comes down to connecting, and not just with residents. “Family, the relationships that we develop, these form a strong bond at Trilogy,” she said. “And it’s just one of the firm foundations upon which this organization was founded.”

Another factor that contributes to Trilogy’s outstanding culture is the humility of Trilogy’s staff. “There are no egos at our company,” Lamour said. “It’s just one big family. We support each other and we have each other’s back.”

And the leadership team is taking the necessary steps to help prepare the next generation of caregivers. “We have lots of growth opportunity within our company for any position,” explained Larmour. “We provide college opportunities, apprenticeship programs, and clinical programs where they can start out as a non-certified and work all the way up to having a nursing degree.” It’s that sort of long-term dedication that is sure to continue Trilogy’s legacy for decades to come.