By Cameron Fry

To kick off our Mystery Theme Year, we entered into a world of pure imagination! Our first Theme Week of 2020, Willy Wonka and the Mystery of the Stolen Golden Ticket, saw our campuses transform into chocolate factories from February 17th through February 21st. The week was spent celebrating with oompa loompas, Gene Wilder doppelgangers, and of course, plenty of sweets to enjoy. Here are some of the highlights from the Theme Week, as well as the Themed Dinner!

Residents of Cobblestone Crossings Health Campus in Terre Haute, IN  enjoyed the main course of the Themed Dinner: The Wonka Duet. This dual entrĂ© plate featured a tender pork cutlet served with a brown sauce and a potato crusted salmon, as well as tender glazed carrots and German macaroni and cheese dumplings.

Wellbrooke of Crawfordsville in Crawfordsville, IN  community members chose to check out the flavors offered at Donaldson’s Finer Chocolates, where they enjoyed spending the day with friends and staff. When they returned to the campus, more treats were waiting for them!

The team at RidgeCrest Health Campus in Jackson, MI put together an incredible display for their residents, ensuring that everyone involved in the Theme Week was a golden ticket winner. Even Violet Beauregarde was happy to be there!

The dining staff at The Willows at Harrodsburg in Harrodsburg, KY spent the week serving up delicious themed treats such as Willy Wonka Chocolate Parfait, Fizzy Lifting Drinks, Oompa Loompa Pancakes, and Gobstopper Cake with Snozzberries.

From our Life Enrichment and Dining Teams to our volunteers and residents, thank you to everyone who helped set the gold standard for our 2020 Theme Year. Click here to learn more about the unique lifestyle that our campuses offer, then schedule a tour today to be a part of the next Theme Week!