By Cameron Fry

As the latest destination in our “Party in the USA” Theme Year, our most recent Theme Week took us back to the 1920’s for five days of jazz, black sequin headbands, and The Great Gatsby! All across the Midwest, our campus communities were transformed into prohibition-era juice joints. Staff members and residents walked through our halls donning fedoras, purple necklaces, and feather boas to rise to the occasion; all culminating into one of the most incredible Theme Dinners we’ve had so far.

Everyone came together to discuss Manhattans and Martinis in our dining rooms-turned-Chicago Speakeasy. Flappers and gangsters alike sat side-by-side as we served up Capone’s Baked Ziti with Red Sauce, along with Breaded Veal Cutlet. The dessert, Bootleg Pineapple Upside Down Cake with Tommy Gun Rum Sauce, had everyone talking in what looked like a scene pulled straight from a noir film.

Theme Dinners are always a sight to behold – in the past, we’ve had a Cajun lunch outing, celebrated Mardi Gras, hosted jazz bands, and taught each other how to do The Charleston. More than just coming together for a meal, we believe that Dining is an experience to be savored – and each experience should be greater than the last. Visit any of our locations to see where our Theme Year takes us next!