Hello, Trilogy blog readers! My name is Rhonda Dempsey, Senior Vice President – Chief Nursing Officer here at Trilogy Health Services. I’m thrilled to be writing for our website for the first time, and look forward to talking to you in additional posts about Trilogy’s continued focus on clinical excellence.

In the spirit of education, I thought I’d kick things off like so many of my college courses used to – with a good old-fashioned ice breaker. So here’s a little bit about me: outside of work, I’m very much an open book. I love laughing every day. I love to craft, make jewelry, cook, and surprise myself with new adventures, such as flying airplanes back in the “BK” times (before kids).

I came to Trilogy in early 2022 with 34 years of healthcare experience. Throughout the years, I’ve watched as technological and medicinal innovations have reshaped our industry time and time again. The world of healthcare is constantly changing – and nowhere has this been more evident than in these past two years.

In responding to a global health crisis, Trilogy has ramped up its resources to support our teams. We want them to stay and thrive with us. We have a vendor that provides mental health support at no cost. We emphasize employee recognition, offer robust benefits, career growth and continued education opportunities and more – all so that our employees know they are supported by us in all they do.

As we look to the future, technology will continue to advance to improve quality and efficiency of care. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already poised to be a major game changer – with sensors that can detect residents’ movement to prevent pressure ulcers or falls. These types of advancements also help staff focus their energy in areas as needed, armed with the knowledge that can make a difference in the seniors they serve. 

We’ve endured so much – but with the future in front of us, I’ve never been more optimistic about the journey that lies ahead. Be sure to keep an eye out for future blog posts as we talk more about what’s coming next!

-Rhonda Dempsey, Chief Nursing Officer