By Team Trilogy

Earlier this month, in our article, Become a Tech-Savvy Senior, we highlighted a few new technologies that can benefit seniors in their day-to-day lives. But do you know that technology can also be used to help you stay mentally spry and alert as well? Take a look at the following websites where you can match wits with some brainteasing, anti-aging trivia and games!

Solitaire: Try one of the many versions of Solitaire offered here to keep your brain thinking three steps ahead. Games: Chess, puzzles, card games, multiplayer games and more are offered here to help aging brains stay sharp.

Classic New York Times Crossword Puzzle: Take part in an activity loved by millions. Get the daily puzzle free or sign up to gain access to their archives.

Games for the Brain: Choose from chess, checkers, and more when you visit this site full of games to test your smarts.

Have time to spare? Surf the internet for more fun! Research has shown that middle-aged and older adults who surf the Internet show brain activity that was once only attributed to younger brains, so keep surfing and keep your brain young!