By Cameron Fry

It’s often said that love conquers all, and this video of Ray and Barbara proves it! Thanks to our wonderful Therapy Department at Cedar Creek, a dance was shared between husband and wife for the first time in decades. Here’s what Holly Bakker, Therapy Program Director, had to say about it.

“Ray and Barbara are wonderful people. Ray has made great strides in therapy; when he first started with us, he was able to walk up to 10 feet with a walker and moderate assistance, but now he can reach up to 150-175 feet with contact guard assistance and supervision for transfers.

The dance wasn’t planned at all – Ray was using the Solo Step, one ambitious thing lead to another, then someone suggested to put on music. Barbara was there, as she often comes to Ray’s therapy. The next thing we knew, they were dancing as if they had just met each other for the first time again.”

For our Therapy Department, small moments like these are what make it all worth it. Thank you for your commitment to compassionate care, and thank you to Ray and Barbara for reminding us that love is everlasting – in sickness and in health. Click here to see Ray and Barbara’s dance for yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our family to yours!

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