By Laurel Deppen

Leigh Ann Barney’s best days are the ones where she’s in the field, visiting residents and employees of one of Trilogy Health Services’ 130 campuses.

Even when she’s not able to go, she looks at social media to see happy residents and employees during Trilogy’s events.

Despite this care and excitement for Trilogy’s mission of providing long-term care, Barney landed in the aging care space by chance.

She is a financial officer by training. With a laugh, she said you can be an accountant anywhere, but as she grew in Trilogy and interacted more with residents, she found a sense of purpose.

Barney stepped into the CEO role at Trilogy in 2019, after the retirement of Randy Bufford, the company’s founder. (Bufford is now president and CEO of Synchrony Health Services, a subsidiary of Trilogy.) Barney worked with Bufford previously, before he founded Trilogy at the Cardinal Group. When he founded Trilogy, he recruited individuals he’d worked with previously, including Barney.

She started as the treasurer for Trilogy, and after about eight years there, she moved into operations. Barney has been with Trilogy close to its entire history. When she started, Trilogy had only two facilities.

About Leigh Ann Barney

Title: President and CEO, Trilogy Health Services, 2019-present

Age: 54

Hometown: Hodgenville, Kentucky

Lives: Shelby County

Recent career history at Trilogy: EVP and COO, 2013-19; EVP and chief stewardship officer, 2010-13; SVP ancillary services, 2001-10

Education: Bachelor’s and master’s degrees from University of Louisville

Family: Husband, John; sons, Tyler, Will; daughter, Katie

Hobbies: Reading, hiking and other outdoor activities

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