By Cameron Fry

As we head into summer, we hold on to our favorite memories of the season from years past. We can recall the crackle of a bonfire’s flame on a warm night, the splashes of pool water relieving us on a humid day, and the smell of burning charcoal being ever present under the beating sun. What makes these memories so special? Maybe it’s because they take us back to simpler times. Maybe they remind us to appreciate the little things. Or maybe it’s simply because of the people we shared them with.

At Trilogy Health Services, we understand and value the power that friendship can have on our lives. When you have someone by your side who cares, a funny joke or a childhood story can make a rough day a great one, and a great one even better. That’s why we first created the BFF Program – where memories are made, and where friendships begin.

Inspired by David Troxel and Virginia Bell’s Best Friends™ Approach to Dementia Care, the BFF Program provides our residents with Best Friends to join them on their journey in our Memory Care communities. These team members reinforce their lives with empathy, positivity, and an unwavering commitment to creating fulfilling, positive experiences. If your father is known for his love of hot sauce, our caregivers will make sure it’s always at the table. If your mom has a favorite song, she can listen to it when she wishes, in the company of someone who cares about her. We celebrate what makes each resident unique, and we shape their experiences based on their individual life stories.

A true celebration of our culture of care, the BFF Program continues to warm the hearts of residents and staff members alike at our campuses across the Midwest. If you were to visit The Willows at Citation in Lexington, Kentucky, you might find a man named Leonard working on a project with a woman named Jackie –  the Legacy Lane Coordinator at the campus, and Leonard’s BFF. If you decided to stop by West River Health Campus in Evansville, IN, you might find Pat, a Legacy resident, flipping through a photo album with Lisa, the campus’ Legacy Neighborhood Director, and reminiscing about her favorite moments. With the company-wide launch of the BFF Program, we can’t wait to see meaningful relationships like these grow and take flight at every Trilogy Senior Living Community.