By Cameron Fry

When you visit any of our senior living communities, one thing becomes immediately clear – we have a lot to celebrate. From our veterans and our volunteers, to our CRCA’s and our chefs, unique individuals are what make our campuses home, and what make every day an adventure worth sharing. That’s why we’re proud to celebrate each Grandparents Day with our annual Grandparents Day Sleepover – an event that fills our halls with laughter, love, and family.

With their grandchildren and family members by their side, our residents always look forward to our annual overnight extravaganza. Regardless of how our campuses choose to celebrate, snacks are always shared, games are always played, and the day always seems to go by just a little too fast. This year was no exception. Enjoy reading about some of the highlights of the sleepover in this edition of How We Celebrate!

Triple Creek Retirement Community in Cincinnati, OH partied all night long with a celebration that would have made our Kentucky campuses proud! Donning horseshoe glasses and joined by their favorite partners, residents and their grandchildren enjoyed an evening of themed games, live entertainment, and delicious food. After successfully pinning the mustache on the cow, participants ended the night with a serving of popcorn and a special screening of Wall-E. Visit the campus’ Twitter page to see more of this wild rodeo!   

Oakwood Health Campus in Tell City, IN embraced a beautiful day by pitching tents, playing sports, and enjoying the great outdoors in every way possible. Tell City’s best came out to celebrate Grandparents Day with our residents and their families, and they were happy to have them. From first time visitors to longtime friends, brand new caregivers to established senior leaders, smiling faces were boundless, and good times were gleefully shared. Click here to see more highlights of Oakwood’s unforgettable sleepover!

At Orchard Grove Health Campus in Romeo, MI, the community’s most creative minds were put to the test! Residents enjoyed spending time with their grandchildren as they teamed up to make arts and crafts. After creating home-made lanterns to brighten up their campsites, families crowded together to snack on perfectly melted, mouth-watering s’mores. Visit the campus’ Twitter page to see the chocolatey treats for yourself – but be warned, you will most likely have a craving for sweets afterwards!

Cedar Ridge Health Campus in Cynthiana, KY was proud to host grandchildren, family members, and animals for their Grandparents Day celebration! On a day that would’ve been beautiful enough for a trip to the zoo, Cedar Ridge decided to bring the zoo to their campus. Residents and their grandchildren looked on in amazement as their new friends made themselves at home. If you’ve been considering taking a trip to the petting zoo, the pictures on the campus’ Twitter page are sure to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

We love bringing community members of all ages together under one roof, and we love creating new, lasting memories for everyone that we serve. If our Grandparents Day Sleepover struck a chord with you or a loved one, ask us about our Generations program, which brings our residents and youth together up to once a month!