By Trilogy Team

Our campus, Cumberland Pointe in West Lafayette, Indiana, was honored to host Senator Ron Alting for a visit on Thursday, September 27th. In addition to touring the campus itself, the Senator spent time with Cumberland Pointe’s residents; answering questions, learning their concerns, and oftentimes, connecting through their shared Lafayette roots.

A Lafayette native himself, Senator Alting attended Jefferson High School in Lafayette before receiving his higher education at nearby Purdue. “I was raised by my grandparents, because both of my parents worked in factories,” he stated. “When we have younger visitors to the Senate, I tell them, always remember when you’re around your grandparents to listen. They’re old, and they’re smart.” His comment was met with many nods of agreement, and quite a few wide smiles. “Your generation taught us all about hard work,” he continued. “Of all the traits you can have, one of them you can’t substitute is hard work.”

When the discussion moved from reminiscing about times past, including Jefferson’s exciting 1974 basketball season, to more serious topics, the Senator again drew on his roots, and what he learned growing up in Lafayette. “Growing up, all I knew is I wanted to serve the people. To do what’s right for all people. Not just one party or one class, but all people. I wear my high school ring to remind me of where I came from.”

His message of inclusion and compassion was warmly received, and many in attendance echoed his desire to do what’s right for Indiana families. After speaking to the group as a whole, Senator Alting made time to connect with residents one-on-one. Not surprisingly, he knew many already, as evidenced by the warm hugs that replaced more traditional handshakes.

“God has been very good to this kid from 4th street,” Senator Alting said before leaving. “I’m very blessed to represent you.”

Special thanks to Senator Alting for stopping by!