By Team Trilogy

It’s funny, when we think about it, how many of our most cherished memories seem to involve food or the preparation of food. That’s why, as we get closer to Thanksgiving, a holiday chock full of fantastic recipes and time spent with loved ones around the table, the residents in our Memory Care neighborhoods are also busy in the kitchen, reliving and making new memories.

At Trilogy, we know the importance of gathering together to engage in the familiar task of creating a dish – especially for those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Such an activity may help to stimulate memories of family gatherings, prize-winning recipes, funny kitchen ‘disasters’ or food driven traditions. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to bake items that will fill our neighborhoods with a comforting, home-like aroma – taking our residents back to the kitchens of their youth.

Cooking is an activity our residents love throughout the year. That’s why, as part of our Memory Care programming, we incorporate Creative Cooking whenever we have the chance. Residents love the opportunity to socialize, get creative with recipes, and taste the delicious results! To learn more about our Memory Care services, click here.