By Cameron Fry

Here at Trilogy, we believe that the right employees make the difference, and that a servant’s heart is the key to success. We believe in celebrating those successes, and recognizing individuals who go above and beyond for those that we serve. That’s why we’re proud to announce that in 2019, 596 employees exceeded expectations by not missing a single day of work throughout the year!

When an employee achieves perfect attendance, they receive a $250 bonus, as well as an additional day of PTO. They are also entered for a chance to win prizes of  $1,500, $2,500, or $5,000 through our annual Perfect Attendance Drawing. On Friday, December 13th, Leigh Ann Barney, our President and CEO, announced the winners via livestream from the Trilogy Home Office. Joined by our Manager of Foundation & Special Projects Travis Kerns, Leigh Ann spoke proudly of the following individuals who had achieved perfect attendance:

Perfect Attendance Drawing Winners

Recipient of $1,500 – Brittany Lee, CRCA at The Springs of Richmond

Recipient of $2,500 –Angela Ream, LPN at The Meadows of Delphos

Recipient of $5,000 – Amy Williams, RN at Glen Ridge Health Campus

Additionally, Travis recognized three lucky employees who had made a donation towards our annual Hope for the Holidays campaign – a campaign which benefits local nonprofits all throughout the holiday season. When employees make a donation, they are entered for a chance to win a Dream Sporting Event (valued at $2,000), a Dream Wardrobe Makeover (valued at $2,000), a Dream Home Theater (valued at $3,000), or a Dream Home Makeover (valued at $5,000). Congratulations to our 2019 winners!

Hope for the Holidays – Grand Prize Winners

Dream Home Makeover – Jessica Thompson from Cedar Creek Health Campus

Dream Home Theater – Taylar Delong from The Oaks at Bethesda

Dream Sporting Event – Angela Cheek from The Willows at Harrodsburg

Dream Wardrobe Makeover – Jen Stotts from The Oaks at Northpointe

Through long nights and early mornings, we’ll always be available to serve you and your loved one. Want to learn more about the employee experience at Trilogy? Visit our careers page at!