By Team Trilogy

Although their name badges read “Certified Resident Care Associate” or “Certified Resident Medical Assistant”, Randy McCullough, Cindy Alley, and Lana Osborne are so much more. To the residents at each of their senior living campuses, The Meadows of Kalida (Randy), St. Mary Healthcare Center (Cindy), and West River Health Campus (Lana), they are also confidants, advisors, and advocates. They’re cheerleaders, tutors, leaders and friends. They’re a reason to smile and a chance to be heard. To put it plainly, they’re part of the family. Now, in addition to the long string of titles they each humbly hold, they can add another: Difference Maker.

The Difference Maker award was first announced by Trilogy Health Services at the Trilogy Fall Meeting in 2013 as part of the senior living company’s efforts to honor the people who form the heart of the organization – the caregivers. Applicants for the award are nominated by their peers and must meet specific requirements set by Trilogy. They must have a certain amount of tenure, an exemplary compliance record, and they must demonstrate a “Team Approach Works Best” attitude. Most importantly, they must have a Servant’s Heart that guides each aspect of the care they provide. For Randy, Cindy, and Lana, these requirements are not something to be pursued in the hopes of being recognized and rewarded. It’s just what they do. It’s who they are.

In front of a crowd of over 500 Trilogy employees at the company’s recent Spring Meeting, Randy, Cindy, and Lana were presented with their awards. A video was also played for a teary-eyed crowd that included heartfelt thanks from those whose lives they’ve touched. Click here to see it for yourself.

Congratulations to Randy, Cindy, and Lana, who have demonstrated what it means to have a Servant’s Heart. They are each an invaluable asset to their campuses and to the communities they call home.