By Team Trilogy

It’s National Pet Month, and no one loves our four-legged friends like Trilogy’s residents and staff! Animal friends can be funny, loving, cuddly, interesting and of course unique. More importantly, they can create wonderful experiences and memories. Research has shown that regular interaction with pets has many emotional and medical benefits, including lower blood pressure, lower blood triglyceride levels, lower heart rate, and even increased survival rates after a heart attack.

We love when pets stop by our campuses and are always looking for chances to offer our residents opportunities to walk and talk with the animals. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, chinchillas, and even horses are regular visitors at many of our campuses. If the health benefits weren’t enough, watching our residents blossom in their interactions with pets is all the evidence we need to convince us to continue with these efforts.

You don’t have to have four legs and a fur coat to pay a visit to one of our campuses. Find a campus near you and come join in on the fun! If you have an animal friend who would like to tag along, we just ask that you contact the campus beforehand. We’ll make sure that our residents and staff members are ready for a special visitor.

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