By Cameron Fry

It’s winter. You sit down on the couch, hot cocoa in hand, and listen as the wind howls against your home. The dog is sleeping on the floor; the pops and cracks of the fireplace lulling her into sleep. You can just barely make out the sound of children laughing outside, and the low hum of “White Christmas” begins playing on the kitchen radio. You breathe in the smells of the season – which can only be described as a cross between oak and cookies – and find yourself completely at peace.

When we invite our residents to participate in our annual Living Arts contest, we ask them to think about what it is that they love about the holidays. Is it the memories they cherish of Christmases long ago? Is is the joy that they feel when they watch their grandchildren make a snow angel? Whatever it might be, our residents are encouraged to draw inspiration – literally – from their experiences, and use that inspiration to create beautiful pieces of art. The results are always breathtaking, and choosing a winner is never an easy task. Evaluated based on color, theme, representation, and composition, we’re proud to announce this year’s lucky artist…

Congratulations to Mary P., resident of River Pointe Health Campus in Evansville, IN, for being our Living Arts 2019 Contest Winner. Your piece, Christmas on the Farm, will be featured on our company-wide holiday card!

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Christmas on the Farm

About The Artist – Mary P.

Mary was born in Marion, IL, and is 92 years old. She studied art for 2 years while she was in school, which she described as “talking about artists more than actually painting”. Inspired often by the beauty of the world around her, Mary paints anything and everything that she finds interesting.

“I enjoy painting animals, houses, scenery…If I see something I like, I paint it – even if I have to change it a little.”

Mary spent the majority her adult life farming with her family in El Dorado, where she would often draw pictures for her children. Mary’s daughter, Linda, says that her mother always loved sharing her art with others, and never missed an opportunity to entertain. Upon entering retirement, Mary began creating more paintings than ever – which didn’t go unnoticed for long.

“I’ve had paintings shown at libraries and places like that. Winning this contest, though – this is just so different. I appreciate that my paintings mean something to someone.”

Congratulations Mary on your latest accomplishment in a life already full of achievement. Your painting captures the spirit of the holidays in ways that words never could! For more information about the Life Enrichment programs that we offer our visionaries, including our Artisans program, visit this link.