By Team Trilogy

For some people, a job can be just that – a job. Something that gets you through the day and affords you a new one. For Certified Resident Care Associates like Becky Williams (Bethany Pointe Health Campus), Kendall Renner (St. Charles Health Campus), and David Hurles (The Meadows of Delphos), a job can be an opportunity. It can be an opportunity to serve others, explore your passions, and make the world just a little bit brighter. For this reason, we are proud to present these three individuals with our Difference Maker Award for 2019!

Since 2013, we have been recognizing three caregivers each year for their commitment to compassionate care. They don’t just help our residents with daily tasks; they motivate them to become stronger. They don’t just make small talk with those that they serve; they create lifelong memories.

Nominated by their peers, applicants for the Difference Maker award must meet specific requirements set by Trilogy, have a certain amount of tenure, an exemplary compliance record, and must demonstrate a “Team Approach Works Best” attitude. For Becky, Kendall, and David, all of this goes without saying.

The three Difference Makers were proud to accept the title at our recent Spring Meeting, which took place April 17 – 19 in Indianapolis, Indiana. They were chosen out of over 5,000 caregivers company-wide. During the presentation, the crowd watched, teary-eyed, as a video was played honoring each of the three. Testimonials from family members, residents, and coworkers sent the message home: It takes a special kind of person to be a caregiver, and an extraordinary kind of person to be a Difference Maker. Click here to see video for yourself.

Congratulations to Becky, Kendall, and David on your great achievement! While you may be the one’s receiving the award, because of your compassionate care, the true winners are those that you serve.