By Michele Chandler

Trilogy would like to take this opportunity to introduce Resident Blogger Michele Chandler! Michele is a resident at The Willows at East Lansing in Michigan. 

On March 29, 2017, we brought spring indoors with the grand opening of the indoor therapy garden at The Willows of East Lansing.

With the assistance of our volunteer Master Gardener, Carey Loveland (Michigan State University Master Gardener Extension Program), we carefully selected plants to grow indoors. Each week during garden time, our plants receive tender loving care from the residents and staff. We also reminisce about the plants we enjoyed nurturing throughout our lives.

We currently have an oxalis shamrock, kalanchoe, salvia officinalis (tri-color sage), cyclamen periscum (cyclamen), peperomia (peperomia caperata, sainypaulia ionantha (African violet), lavandula angustifolia (lavendar), and a primulaceae oenothera (primrose). The plant therapy room also has a reference notebook that contains information on how to care for the plants, where to grow them, when to water and fertilize them, and how to pot, space, and troubleshoot each plant.

The plant therapy room is educational, therapeutic, and fun. It is open 24/7 to all residents, families, visitors, and staff and is oftentimes a topic of conversation at meals. Stay tuned for our next watering update!