Exciting news! We’re thrilled to announce today the reintegration of Synchrony Health Services as a business unit, rather than a separate company venture. As part of this transition, Randall J. Bufford will step down as President and CEO of Synchrony. These changes come as a part of our ongoing succession planning efforts initiated in 2019 and reflect the decisions of Bufford, Leigh Ann Barney, CEO of Trilogy, and in collaboration with the Board and other stakeholders. 

“The decision by the board to maintain Synchrony as a 100% owned subsidiary reflects Trilogy’s strategic focus on retaining control over services, costs and approaches in an evolving value-based care environment,” said Leigh Ann Barney. “This decision is vital to Trilogy’s ability to adapt swiftly and effectively in a dynamic marketplace.” 

As part of the revised organizational structure, Brad Estes will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer for Synchrony, transitioning from his previous position as CFO. This streamlined structure enables efficient decision-making and strengthens Trilogy’s ability to navigate the dynamic healthcare landscape. 

“Synchrony’s growth path doesn’t change, our devotion to our customers is unwavering and we are committed to delivering unparalleled innovation and excellence in the senior living and health care industries. I want to thank Randy for his service and for his mentorship to me personally. Together, we’ve built a great team at Synchrony, and I’m excited to lead them on our mission to deliver extraordinary outcomes to our customers.”Brad Estes 

Under the stewardship of Randy Bufford, Synchrony Health Services has made remarkable progress in both building infrastructure to facilitate growth and delivering clinically excellent services to both Trilogy and external clients. This includes the recruitment of top-tier leaders, the establishment of PackEDGE, the launch of state-of-the-art laboratory services, and a push toward integrated services that allow providers to increase quality outcomes and decrease costs. 

“I am excited about the next chapter for Synchrony and know that Trilogy, our other customers and employees will be well-served by Brad’s leadership and the incredible management team that we have assembled at Synchrony over the last two years,” he said. “The last two years have been fruitful in building a unique-to-the-industry, collaborative ancillary business model of integrated rehab, pharmacy and lab and it has also been an honor working with such an outstanding group of professionals and customers.” – Randy Bufford

As he steps away from his current day-to-day role at Synchrony, Bufford remains committed to Trilogy and Synchrony; staying active in Board service as an advisor and supporting business development and key customer account relationships. As he has said many times, he is “Trilogy for Life” and will be continuing to provide unwavering support for Trilogy’s journey to become the Best Healthcare Company in the Midwest.  

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