Bethany Pointe Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Bethany Pointe Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Bethany Pointe Health Campus Reviews

Joe Vo via GOOGLE

The heart of the staff who work here is amazing. I am constantly in awe about how much the people who work here love their residents.

Drew Young via GOOGLE

My grandmother was here for awhile. Clean place.

Larry Moore via GOOGLE

The best place in Anderson IN staff work hard the one I see work the hardest is Brandi Carraco she puts her all in to it ever day she amazing she’s work every weekend and all the Family love her I’ve heard residence be down when she ain’t at work on her days off so great place I trust Bethany Pointe with any of my family or my self to take of us

Nick McFerran via GOOGLE

By Jim via CARING

Bethany Pointe Health Campus is fairly new. They have separate villas for independent living, and I like that. We know several people who have been there over the years. They seem to get good care and like it, I base a lot of my opinion on that. It’s pretty close to where I live now. They offer all levels of care from independent up to nursing home care. When we went there, they were unaware that we were there for a tour, and had no one prepared to give us a tour. We waited a little bit, and they put something together. The staff was friendly considering they were kind of caught off guard by us showing up. They were very welcoming. It didn’t have a nursing home odor.

By Patricia via CARING

My mother was in Bethany Pointe Health Campus. She really enjoyed it, and especially she enjoyed their food. She said they had excellent food. She went in for rehab and she was in one section for COVID-19. She had occupational and physiotherapy. I think she improved as much as she could, but she’s going to be close to 100, so we didn’t think she was going to jump up and be running around the block, but she got stronger. I didn’t taste the food, but she liked it so much, and she’s pretty picky. I think once she got out of the isolation area, she had a private room. She was able to go down into the areas where people kind of congregated. She rolled herself to see people going up and down the hall and that sort of thing. She said she really liked the room. I think it’s a pretty new area. It may have been renovated. She said it was very pretty and she enjoyed it. It’s very comfortable. She liked looking out the windows and that kind of thing. They had a courtyard, but she couldn’t go outside at the time. They had another area where people could sit and talk and kind of meet new people. That was all in their newer renovated areas. She was very pleased with it. She’s legally blind, so she really didn’t participate in puzzles or anything of that nature. She enjoyed the socialization part of it. The staff was fairly good. I called them for updates.

Courtney Parker via GOOGLE

By Judy via CARING

I loved Bethany Pointe, it was my first choice. I visited both assisted and independent living. The staff was wonderful. They gave us a loaf of bread that I want to make, but I would rather have someone bake it for me. However, I didn’t care for their assisted living because the apartment was too small. I loved the independent living, their apartments were beautiful, but my mom would have to go outside to the clubhouse, and that wouldn’t work for her. Everyone was very nice and welcoming. They have a lot of really neat programs, I like their Facebook page, and they have a lot of interactive stuff with family and other people that are staying there. The staff members were all wonderful. It was lunchtime and it looked like everyone was enjoying their lunch.


Very Responsible Staff, Professional… Monica McFerran went out of her way to assist us and was extremely Professional and Caring!

Elizabeth Utterback via GOOGLE

stacy Gwinn via GOOGLE

We have the best, loving staff ever. We took care of covid patients better then our own family. We love them. We make them smile and we hold thier hands when comfort is needed.

JoEllen Frazier via GOOGLE

Awesome place! I’ve never been to any other facility where they really DO make you feel like family!

Brutally Lauren via GOOGLE

Jennifer Mckinley via GOOGLE

By Richard via CARING

Bethany Pointe was a beautiful location. They designed it well and I was impressed with the quality of the help I met. They seem to be knowledgeable and helpful. They have independent and assisted living and a full nursing home. They have a variety of services they offer. The place is very clean and nicely laid out.


Bethany Pointe Health Campus has done a wonderful job. They have a group for people with memory problems that my husband is in. They are amazing. Their group sticks together all day long. They have programs going on continually at their level. The staff helps the residents in any way they can and are very kind and loving. They have a music area, and an area where they bake something or make something with everyone included, which is pretty amazing. So everything they do there includes the community. Their meals are very good, and the layout of the place is very nice.

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