The Willows at Tiffin: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At The Willows at Tiffin we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

The Willows at Tiffin Reviews

Michelle Wehring via GOOGLE

I was here for the residents Christmas Party last December and the staff was amazing!

Vincent & Emily Kirsch via GOOGLE

I have worked at The Willows since they opened in 2019 and it has by far been my favorite place I have ever worked. Trilogy is a company that truly invests in their employees and love to advance their own employees in their careers. The management and staff at the Willows are great and provide top notch care to the residents- which is ultimately the most important part! The Willows is a 10/10 in my book and I would absolutely trust that any of my loved ones would be in the best hands here.

Sandy Riley via GOOGLE

Mary Chappell via GOOGLE

My mother has been here and she received the greatest care! Everyone from housekeeping to nursing staff were so kind and helpful.

Melissa Nuhfer via GOOGLE

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would! This facility is beyond AMAZING!! The people here have a heart of gold and you can really tell that they care.The only downfall is that you WILL gain weight eating here! The food is wayyyyyyyyy too delicious! The chefs in the kitchen really know what they are doing and the food they create will make you want to have seconds…or even thirds!!

Phil Podach via GOOGLE

Great place my grandfather loved it here!! The staff are very professional clean and caring. it did not feel like a nursing home but more like a nice hotel. The food is excellent and Ed is the best!!

Brian Roelle via GOOGLE

Jayclyn Tracy via GOOGLE

I have read with interest all the reviews for The Willows at Tiffin and something doesn’t make sense to me. Within a span of a day or so I counted no less than 20 one star reviews, many with no explanation for the rating. That smacks of a concentrated blast to anyone who takes a closer look at the timing. One commenter did take the time to somewhat articulate the reasons for her rating but as I read through them I had to scratch my head. Most of the reasons for her dissatisfaction were nothing more than having to abide by workplace expectations that can typically be found at many places of employment. For this reason alone I discounted at least two thirds of the the complaints as outlined in that specific review. As to the other reviews that contained comments, they are to be commended for at least taking the time to back up their ratings but, alas, this group also failed to convince me that a one star rating was deserved. I am retired now but over the course of my career I have been both an underling and management and I state this with confidence, “If you go to work, do good work and mind your own business you will do well.” Managers respect employees with a good work ethic who do not come to work expecting an awful day because you know what? If you expect an awful day you will fulfill that prophecy and that attitude can be contagious in a workplace environment. Enough about that. Now, about The Willows facility and whether or not it’s a good place to work. I know at least three individuals who are employed there and all three enjoy what they do. That’s really enough for me right there but there is another more reliable confirmation of the facility quality. Social media. It’s very powerful (as the individuals who seem to be colluding to defame The Willows are fully aware.) and it’s impact can be far reaching and long felt. This very impact, however, makes it sooooo obvious that The Willows is a blue ribbon place to work and live. One only needs to browse the FB pages to see this facility truly cares about it’s residents. Isn’t it obvious that the wonderful posts as well as family comments wouldn’t be present if residents and families weren’t happy? Additionally, does it not make sense that happy residents occur when being cared for by contented, and yes, perhaps, even happy, staff? The Willows is where I would like to live if it ever comes to that. Hands down. Oh, yes, and one more point – isn’t this the very same facility that for the past few years has ranked very high in the state by families, etc. for good service. (I probably didn’t word that quite right but “esteemly awarded”, nonetheless.) Awards like that aren’t given to rotten workplace facilities. They just aren’t. Think about that. Families can sniff out insincere, disgruntled or unhappy employees and they, unequivocally, do not want their loved ones being cared for by these types of individuals. In closing, and to people who are reading these reviews and who may be concerned about the one star ratings, don’t be. Please do further research. Check out FB, etc. Be your own best consumer and consider the points I have made in rebuttal. I don’t work there. I have no family members who live there and I don’t own Trilogy stock (if that’s even possible). I. e., I have no vested interest except to be able to continue to enjoy the absolute positivity generated on the Willows at Tiffin FB page because it makes me smile. Willows, you seem to have taken it on the chin with this series of reviews but keep that chin up. You are a five star facility with a five star staff!

Patricia Adams

My mom has been living here for over two years.I don’t even know where to begin to express my gratefulness and gratitude to everyone here! I love, love, love this facility! And it is obvious that all the employees, from aides to management, from nursing to maintenance, to the kitchen staff, and activities, also love this facility! The staff’s willingness to help out beyond their job requirements is seen every single day I am there. I look forward to visiting the Willows in Tiffin, which I do many times a week. The super friendly staff, the joyful environment, the fun had by all who work and live there, are evident when you walk in the door. My mom came to the Willows against her will. I did my research and decided that this would be the best fit for her. I have NEVER regretted that decision. From the moment my mom arrived, she has not only been cared for at the highest level, the love shown to her by the nurses, aides, housekeeping, and by any employee she has come across, is evident as she continues to thrive and make new friends at the age of 94. There is no where she would rather be, and no where I would rather have her. I can live my life in peace knowing I am doing the best I can do for my mom by placing her at the Willows, and know she is getting the best care possible!

Sam Gosche via GOOGLE

The staff at The Willows of Tiffin are amazing!!! They greet you with a good morning or good afternoon as soon as you walk in the door!!! All departments work well together to accommodate the residents needs for a daily life. I’ve never worked for a better company in my life!!! The managements do a wonderful job of keeping all staff up to date on any changes that may need to be made including resident discharges.

Heather Mcdonald via GOOGLE


Jon Wehring via GOOGLE

I attended a Christmas party last year at the willows and have to say I had really enjoyable time. Great staff and were very caring for all of their residents, the entire staff treated EVERYONE with the utmost respect!! Great job everyone.

rachael Caudill via GOOGLE

Sadie Williams via GOOGLE

The Willows at Tiffin is a great place to work. The CRCAs care deeply for the residents and are always trying to do the best for the residents. Trilogy takes care of their employees and make sure all facilities are running smoothly. Management at the Willows of Tiffin addresses any concerns and talks to you in a professional manner to help with any issues or problems that aides might have on the floor. If aides are concerned or have any questions they can go to a CRCA Preceptor or straight to management. The environmentalists are very great on keeping rooms and the building spotless! The dietary team is absolutely phenomenal and the food is always a hit! Overall I think The Willows at Tiffin is a great place to be, working or living here!

Luke Joseph via GOOGLE

Lori Clouse via GOOGLE

Chey via GOOGLE

I always enjoy coming in and volunteering to help pass trays. The dietary staff and all the aides and nurses are always super nice and helpful.

Joey Critten via GOOGLE

Janet K via GOOGLE

Talk about an exceptional facility to work in! The management here is one of a kind fully committed to providing quality care for the people who live here and demonstrate that commitment daily. They earn the respect and trust of employees by promoting teamwork in all departments. Staff here have a strong sense of purpose that shows in the excellent standard of care given to our residence. It’s wonderful to see the smiles and interaction between not only staff and residents but also staff and family members. My family members have lived in the Willows of Tiffin community and I have the utmost regard for the care that was provided and attention shown during this time. As one who has been a nurse for many years, I can say this with confidence that I’m thankful there’s a place like this where we can confidently bring our loved ones to live.

Jennifer Terry via GOOGLE

Started working here in December of 2019 with 7 residents. I could have never imagined a different place to work. 100% best team when taking care of your loved ones. For your loved ones are our loved ones as well.

Trinity Trevino via GOOGLE

Ethan Cheney via GOOGLE

I have worked at The Willows for a year and a half. Not a single day do I wake up and dread going to work. The friendliness between all the departments is nothing short of amazing. Every single individual that works there has the utmost importance for the quality of care our residents receive. Couldn’t think of a better place to work than The Willows at Tiffin!

Brooke Bradley via GOOGLE

Our experience at the Willows has always been phenomenal. They do so much for their residents and employees! My son provided entertainment during happy hour on the piano this summer. While he was there performing for a crowd, he had the honor of meeting a resident who was older than 100 (it was on his list of things he wanted to do…meet someone who has lived 100 years.), and he was able to draw a winning raffle ticket for a basket that was put together to raise money and accept donations for an employee who had a house fire. They go above and beyond whenever we visit.

Momma Lama via GOOGLE

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