Wellbrooke of Westfield: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Wellbrooke of Westfield we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Wellbrooke of Westfield Reviews

Chris Williams via GOOGLE

Took very good care of my father when he was there for his hospice visits

Therese Davies Sands via GOOGLE

Review for M. Sands: “I was there from 6/26/17 to 7/19/17 for Rehab following Surgery. The Grounds are beautiful, as is the Interior of the Building. I received excellent Nursing Care, as well as both Occupational and Physical Therapy while I was there.The Food was quite enjoyable, several options were available if one did not want the Special Meal offered. Chef even made a special Vegetable Soup for me as initially, my Diet was quite restricted.I was able to participate in some of the Activities offered which I enjoyed.I remain grateful for the Nursing Care and Rehab therapy I received, which has enabled my strong Recovery.”

Rebecca Cosler via GOOGLE

I really enjoy my Wellbrooke family…staff and residents!!! I feel so lucky!

Rachel Frownfelter via GOOGLE

Excellent staff and beautiful facility!

Rachel earl via GOOGLE

Wellbrooke of Westfield has a gorgeous facility. All the employees are really nice as well… they put on a lot of events with the public and the residents truly love interacting with little kids that attend those events. I don’t have anyone that needs constant care at the moment but when I do, wellbrooke is at the top of my list!

Wedding Notary (Wedding Notary) via GOOGLE

Kind caring people.

Greg Marshall via GOOGLE

My parents spent their final 3+ years at Wellbrooke of Westfield. The employees took time to get to know them and were treated like family, with love and respect. When Mom said she loved to knit – the activities dept formed a weekly knitting group! I would recommend WofW to anyone needing skilled care.

Shannon Kersey via GOOGLE

Rob Kirkpatrick via GOOGLE


Leann Cline via GOOGLE

The cleanest campus with the friendliest staff! It feels like home as soon as you walk in!!

Shannon Sevick via GOOGLE

Amazing staff and a very clean building! They have great food and activities as well!

Erin Shockley via GOOGLE

I had the pleasure of working with the staff on a few of their events. Everything was seamless and was very well thought out and organized. The residents were always included and happy as ever. I would highly recommend this company rehabilitation or longer-stay needs.

anita Ann via GOOGLE

The facility is beautiful, very clean and comfortable. I was treated like family and had the best care! My friends and family visited me and told me they felt like they had visited a resort. I was a patient for approximately 3 months and although there is no place like home, this was a great second best. I am fully recovered and better than ever! A huge thanks to the staff from the housekeepers to the administrator.

Kristen Welker via GOOGLE


MaryAnn Lampo via GOOGLE

Beautiful facility it feels and give an appearance of being at a mountain lodge resort! The staff is very friendly and caring. Always great activities your love one should never be bored! My Daddy had exceptional care there and I am very grateful from the nursing staff, to the wonderful physical therapist, as well as the entire staff!!! ❤️

Robert McClave via GOOGLE

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