The Springs of Mooresville: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At The Springs of Mooresville we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

The Springs of Mooresville Reviews

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My mother spent 2 months in the Springs for Physical and Speech Therapy after her stroke, during Covid, 2 years ago. When cancer robbed her of her strength and she needed to return to rehab, she wanted to return here which says much about the staff. Between the food, the CNAs, the nurses, the therapy staff, and all the smiling people, my mother felt looked after during the most vulnerable part of her life. I will always be thankful and appreciative for what this place has done for my family.

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By DavidLb via CARING

It was super nice and the staff was great. the therapy staff were the staff I had, they work with you to achieve your goals.

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By Andria via CARING

My mom has moved into The Springs of Mooresville. It is close to home, and it has the physical therapy that she was looking for. It’s excellent, clean, and is a beautiful place. They have a lot of activities. One of the reasons she wanted to go there was because it was a single room. She didn’t want to have a roommate, and all of the rooms are single rooms. The administrator is always out and about. He interacts with the residents, as well as the family that comes in. We’ve received phone calls whenever there was a need. The communication has been great. I haven’t tasted the food, but food service has been my career. One of the reasons that I thought she should go there was that she had been there once before when she broke her ankle; she had been there for rehab about five years ago. The chef went out of the way to accommodate her because she has dietary needs that are different. They accommodated her. I think that was very good as well. The food looks fresh, and it looks good. I would eat there, and I would live there. My mom doesn’t participate, but they always have something going on. The other thing is they call the family and tell us what activities were going on, so that we could participate in it with our parents. It’s just a really nice place.

Shenelle Bogenschutz via GOOGLE

My Dad was in two other facilities and I would recommend Springs to anyone. I wish he could have stayed here. Facility. Care. Communication. Treatment. Therapy. All 5 star.

By Janice via CARING

My visit at The Springs of Mooresville was very nice. The place was great. It was spotless. The rooms were excellent, but they didn’t have kitchenettes. The staff was very friendly and very accommodating.

Marisa Sprinkle via GOOGLE

Excellent care for my Mother for five years now. Beautiful facility!

By Susie via CARING

My mom went to rehab at The Springs of Mooresville, and the rehab portion was very good. It’s a clean and newer facility, however, I didn’t get a warm fuzzy feeling. They had bingo and a chapel. The dining room was spacious. The staff was okay but not as responsive as I would like. We were there for 9 days and they had multiple patients other than my mom. The only thing against them was when my mom needed assistance to go to the bathroom, she would have to wait anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes, and I don’t feel like that’s a reasonable amount of time. My mom ate their food pretty well though. I just don’t feel like it’s a good value.

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My father was there for over a month, and I spent a lot of long days there. What a wonderful place! The entire staff treats all the residents with respect and kindness. The facility is very clean and beautiful. The food is great, and there is an unbelievable list of activities for residents to participate in. My dad was happy there.

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The Springs of Mooresville was attractive. It was nestled into a wooded area. We liked it very much. It was close to where we used to live, very close to our bank, and very close to a hospital that we’ve been to before. It was designed and started to be just a physical therapy place, but they had recently decided to transform it into assisted care. When we went there, they were still transitioning. They were very hospitable. They offered us a room that opened into another room to make it larger for the two of us. They had a nice discount rate for the first three months, and financially, that is what made it reasonable.


My husband has lived in The Springs of Mooresville for a couple months now. They’ve been great and he’s satisfied. I’ve had no complaints, and the staff is doing fine. His room is great, clean, large, and private. They also had two-bedrooms available, activities, and a nice bus where they load them up if they’re able and take them out. They had everything there, and their staff is experienced and friendly. The food is great; my husband has been eating more since he moved there. The price is too high, but I haven’t found anything less so it’s comparable with what’s out there.

Danny Taylor via GOOGLE

Could not have picked a better place for my Mother !! Excellent care. Prompt attention when the call button is pushed. Very competent Physical Therapy staff. Private rooms with bath, TV, phone, plenty of room to make it “home” for the resident. Great food. Plenty of activities both in house and trips. My wife calls it “A Community of Caring” – I agree.

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Had a great time with all of the residents and their families/friends this evening at the Carnival tonight! Lots of great food, movies and conversation!

Dan Cunningham via GOOGLE

Stayed at the Springs of Mooresville for a Rehab stay after having a anterior hip replacement the staff and physical and occupational therapist’s did a wonderful job Top-Notch facility

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