Life Enrichment & Senior Activities

A lifestyle of luxury

Our planned activities—or Life Enrichment programs, as we like to call them—have been uniquely crafted to make each day more special than the last. Take care of your physical wellness with our Vitality classes. Find peace through scripture or hymns with our Inspirations program. Close out the week with a cocktail at Happy Hour. However it is you like spending your time, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy—and company eager to join you.

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2,000+ Dreams Fulfilled By Our Live a Dream Program Since 2011

Signature Programs for Seniors

Mark your calendar

With a full activities calendar, it’s our hope that staying in your room is one of the last things you’ll want to do. At The Springs at Lafayette, we believe in enhancing the lives of our residents through a diverse range of activities and signature programs. Join us and embark on a journey filled with new friends, new skills, and an active lifestyle! Here are some of the signature programs and senior living activities we offer.


Offered at least five times a week, we will offer wellness options such as strength training, balance training yoga, Tai Chi, stretching, dancing, walking clubs, wellness seminars.


This is our cross-generational program that places an emphasis on the importance of providing opportunities to bridge the gap and promote connections between generations. Partnerships with universities, schools and child-based service groups such as Boy/Girl Scouts should occur once a month (minimum).

Live A Dream

Through Live A Dream, we encourage our seniors to come to us with what it is they want to do most so that we can bring those dreams to life. Even if you’re just wanting to go for a stroll down memory lane with a visit your hometown, our Life Enrichment team will be here to make that dream a reality – all while offering the same quality care that you’ve come to expect.


Bible study, hymn sing, meditation, devotions, tranquility programs, rosary, relaxation, grief bereavement support groups, writing or leaving a legacy, and life stories are a few of the endless possibilities we offer on a weekly basis.


Offered twice weekly, our Artisans program shines a light on the creative spirit of our residents - giving them the chance to explore their passions through scrapbooking, painting, arts & crafts, and everything in between. Surround yourself with creative energy that transcends time and age limits, find meaningful connections with neighbors and friends, and be the Picasso of your next family night!

Happy Hour

Happy Hour is held every Friday afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. This standard is delivered by partnering with Life Enrichment. A theme is determined, with hot and cold appetizers, alcoholic beverages and or themed beverages are served.

Lifelong Learning

We offer weekly courses and activities including but not limited to - Art, Computers, History, Humanities, International Studies, Languages, Music and Performing Arts, Psychology, Social Studies, Recreation, Science, Health, and Math.

Keeping It Sharp

Provided three times per week, this includes cognitive pursuits such as trivia, board games, cards, reminiscing, spelling bees, computer applications, poetry, book club, current events, and brain fitness programs.

Mindful Moments

Programs offered to stimulate the senses of taste, touch, sound, sight, smell while also encouraging movement and engagement.

Music to My Ears

Includes interactive and participatory entertainers, resident performers, SingFit, student musical groups, bands, resident and staff choirs, and karaoke, drum circle, and hand bells.

Just the Guys

Featured twice monthly. Men’s breakfast clubs, beer brewing club, wood shop, current events, veterans club, barber shop, playing poker, pool, model building, sporting events and male-specific outings are encouraged.

Out and About

Offered twice a week, these outings include field trips, guided bus tours of local towns, restaurants, historic communities, museums, and more.

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