Springhurst Health Campus: Reviews From Trilogy Community Residents, Family, and Staff

At Springhurst Health Campus we’re dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. But don’t take our word for it, read the reviews of our community for yourself!

Springhurst Health Campus Reviews

Debra Herrington via GOOGLE

Great facility and staff

Melissa Kennedy via GOOGLE


One of the cleanest, well kept facilities I’ve been in & I personally think it’s 100% where I would want to reside, or have a love one.excellent medical staff.you won’t find any complaints from me..God blessed this staff, and administration. I visited 15 nursing facilities, doing entertainment. In may 2015.oh I forgot 2 tell yaI’m a fat guy. N the food is good ,yummy

Marie Carter via GOOGLE

Carriana Gorton via GOOGLE

I had a grandma that lived there for about 7 years and a lot of the workers weren’t very nice but a couple of weeks ago I go there and this girl named brandy jones was really nice she was the nicest worker that I have met there

By Judy via CARING

We had a tour of Springhurst Health Campus. The place was beautiful, and they were very involved with the residents. They make sure they get out and do lots of stuff. The person who gave the tour was very nice. They had amenities like a gym, salon, and a game room. They also had a nice outdoor space. It’s located very close to everything, to the town, hospitals, restaurants, and shopping. The place itself was very clean and very nice.

Barbara Smith via GOOGLE

My mom received excellent care at this facility and she enjoys all of the activities and the great food.

By Pat via CARING

My mother is at Springhurst, and the nurses and staff are very caring. They try to get the patients involved, and it’s a very clean facility. I’m very happy that Mom’s there. When I was looking around, they told me that it was a very good facility, and that’s what we did. The grounds are great, there’s a nice, big lawn in the front, it’s open and spacious and it’s all good. She is in a room, she has a roommate, and it’s very clean, maintained, and the bathroom is clean. I have tried the food and it’s excellent. Mom’s dinner tonight looked really good, and they offer three meals a day.

Jennifer Swift via GOOGLE

Sandy Sandifer via GOOGLE

Good experience except very short notice when Medicare eligibility was ended and other arrangements needed to be made. Couldn’t accommodate a two person assist.

Greg Chaney via GOOGLE

By Ann40 via CARING

We would have left my mother-in-law at Springhurst Health Center in private care. I thought she was going on Medicaid and they only had ten Medicaid beds as opposed to where she is in right now. The rooms were nice and the staff was good to us. They were good to my mother-in-law and she was happy there. She communicated with the residents and moved around. She still didn’t get out of that wheelchair and she would stay in bed most of the time, but it was just an overall better facility. If I had known she would be paying private care, I would have suggested that we leave her at Springhurst.

April Durbin via GOOGLE

Darlene Davis via GOOGLE

I got excellent care both from nurses and aids as well as from rehab staff. Meals were delicious. Loved having a selection for meals. No complaints.

By Caring LovedOne via CARING

I am currently at Springhurst Health Campus getting physical therapy. The food is fine. We have different activities to be done here. So far all has been good.

Scott Ryan via GOOGLE

My Granny has been here since November 2015. She was told before her move here that she didn’t have much time left. Springhurst staff rehabilitated her and made stronger. She defied the odds of science and is now a resident (instead of a resident needing extra care) of Springhurst. I give all of those who have helped her become strong and able again credit more than they know. So does our family. Recently, Granny needed a small thing figured out (and hopefully fixed). I contacted David in the business office, and between him and his team of helpers, they led us to Bud (an amazing maintenance employee). Bud is such a tremendous part to the happiness of the residents (and their families/friends) of Springhurst. If you ever had questions about this facility, I hope I have answered them through my words. Their care, compassion, and professionalism are the main reasons my Granny is still with us today. God Bless each and every one of the Springhurst employees that bring their care, compassion, and professionalism to each and every resident. It doesn’t go unnoticed! <3

By Caring89255350 via CARING

My mom was at Springhurst. The rooms were spacious and had private baths. The food was good. All of the staff, except for one, was fine. They were attentive, helpful, and cheerful. However, they wouldn’t take her in their assisted living, so we had to move her out of there.

Courtney Crowe via GOOGLE

Best place to live or work in town! Exceptional customer service and care to its residents and employees. Residents have so much fun there as evident on the FB page!

Betty Carpenter via GOOGLE

Tauny Piland via GOOGLE

Christina Jones via GOOGLE

By Carimg8492 via CARING

I chose Springhurst Health Campus because my mom was there for rehabilitation and it was a good facility so we just decided to stay there. The facility is very clean and smells good. The food is excellent. The staff is caring and very outstanding. After a short stay in the assisted living, she fell and got hurt pretty bad so now she is in the nursing home part of it.

By Jennifer via CARING

Springhurst Health Campus was a very nice facility. My mother-in-law gained 10 pounds during her rehab there. They did a very good job of getting her back on her feet. They just didn’t communicate well, that’s the only thing I have on the negative side. Other than that, it was a nice place. She got a private room with a bathroom. They were very nice to her, which she needed. They do not take any kind of financial help at all, so they’re very expensive.

By LK740845 via CARING

We went and checked out Springhurst, but there was a waiting list. It’s a beautiful facility. The rooms were nice, and the staff all seemed nice.

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