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You may not have as many responsibilities to tend to, but that doesn’t mean your days won’t be nearly as full. We offer a wide range of Life Enrichment programs every week at Stonecroft Health Campus, so you can find a pastime that you’re passionate about. Take your pick of programs designed to sharpen your mind, strengthen your body, nourish your spirit, and make new friends while you’re at it!

Stonecroft Health Campus

Our Signature Programs

Vitality provides opportunities for physical movement three
times a week.

Inspirational Services allow residents time for worship, Bible
study, or meditation twice a week.

Lifelong Learning includes courses in art, computers,
history, humanities, international studies, languages, music
and performing arts, psychology, social studies, recreation,
science, health and math.

Keeping it Sharp offers cognitive pursuits three times a

Mindful Moments promotes small group engagement every
day for those with cognitive challenges using our Themed
Sensations or other sensory programs.

Artisans creates time for residents to make art or crafts twice
a week.

Music to My Ears organizes time for residents to play
instruments, sing, or enjoy their favorite music three times a

Just the Guys offers male-centered events twice a month.

Out and About includes trips into the community twice a week.

Generations bridges the gap between young and old and
promotes connections once a month.

Happy Hour makes it 5 o’clock somewhere, every Friday!

Seniors enjoying outdoor activities at Trilogy Health Campus
Seniors enjoying outdoor activities at Trilogy Health Campus
Senior community amenities and activities
Residents at home enjoying the amenities at Trilogy Health Campus
senior residents enjoying outdoor activities

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Stonecroft Health Campus

Life Tastes Better at Stonecroft Health Campus

Life’s as sweet as a bowl of cherries at Stonecroft Health Campus. We’re all about making memorable moments every day, through fun – and food, too! Our chefs are always working to curb your cravings, whether they’re perfecting an old favorite or offering something brand new. Find comfort in knowing you get to choose what to order at every meal in our restaurant-style dining room. Pick a familiar dish that brings you comfort, or choose a seasonal special that’s as fresh as it is tasty. At Stonecroft Health Campus, we cook up more than meals. Eating is an experience to be savored.

Visit us today for a meal on us, and taste the Trilogy Difference for yourself!

Chef team member serving Senior Living community members
Chef team member serving Senior Living community members
Residents at home enjoying the amenities at Trilogy Health Campus
Residents at home enjoying the amenities at Trilogy Health Campus

Stonecroft Health Campus

Signature Dining Programs

Taste of the Town brings the flavors and flair of local restaurants into our campus dining room. Oftentimes the chefs themselves will stop by to help us serve!

Chef’s Circle gives our residents the opportunity to communicate their feedback and suggestions directly to our chefs. Our menus are then adjusted accordingly.

Themed Dinners are a part of our quarterly Theme Weeks, when our campus staff pulls out all the stops to create an immersive experience based on a theme. Decorations, costumes, and entertainment are all provided, along with a very special menu.

Sunday Brunch is the best excuse to go back for seconds. Held monthly, family members are invited to attend and fill up on mouth-watering breakfast staples with wonderful company.

Creative Cooking opportunities include chef presentations, cooking classes, and more, each catered to our residents’ interests and abilities.

Trilogy Culinary Cruiser is our Trilogy food truck. It travels to select destinations throughout the year, so our residents can enjoy delicious chef-prepared meals, even if they’re on the go.

Culinary Olympics are held once per year, and pit our talented chefs against one another in a friendly competition. The show-stopping dishes they serve also appear on our campus menus!

Chef Training Programs such as our Dining Apprenticeship Program and Culinary Academy gives our chefs the skills they need to grow their careers and wow our residents.

Chef team member serving Senior Living community members
residents eating at a senior living community
Chef team member serving Senior Living community members
Chef team member serving Senior Living community members

Stonecroft Health Campus

Live A Dream

Our Live a Dream program was created to fulfill the lifelong dreams of residents in our communities throughout the Midwest. Over the years, the Trilogy Foundation has helped seniors whiz through the forest canopy on zip-lines, skyrocket into the stratosphere on hot air balloons, pilot planes, take once-in-a-lifetime trips, and reunite with family and friends they feared they may never see again. From ‘first times’ to ‘one last times’, the Live a Dream program has a track record of turning wishful thinking into wonderful reality.

Trilogy Health Services Staff with residents
senior residents enjoying outdoor activities
senior residents enjoying outdoor activities
Residents at home enjoying the amenities at Trilogy Health Campus

Stonecroft Health Campus

Trilogy Travel Club

The Trilogy Travel Club is an all-inclusive travel service provided to the residents, friends, and family members of Trilogy Health Services. Think of us as your convenient, on-hand travel agents. We offer a variety of trips to exciting destinations, and we take care of all of the travel details for you. That means all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience. Every trip also includes assistance from helpful Trilogy team members. While you’re busy making memories, you’ll be receiving the care and support services you need to feel your best. We’re here to serve you, so you can savor everything that life has to offer.

Monthly Calendar

Upcoming events at Stonecroft Health Campus. Join us to learn more about scheduled events. Every week you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of events and activities that allow you to sharpen your mind, make new friends, get creative, stay active, and just have fun!

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