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The Clinical Corner – The Benefits of Socialization

February 13, 2023

Welcome to the February Clinical Corner, everyone! It’s that time of year again to give the ones we love a special Valentine – letting them know that they’re appreciated and seen. Socialization is a huge part of Valentine’s – but we could all use some love and care 365 days out of the year. Studies have shown that a lack of socialization can lead to:

  • Depression.
  • Weight loss.
  • Mental decline.
  • An increase in dementia symptoms.

*Depression affects approximately 280 million people worldwide. If you are in a state of emotional distress, please know that you can always reach out to the Suicide Prevention Hotline by dialing 1-800-273-8255 or dialing/texting 988. You are not alone!

On the contrary, the benefits of socialization can have a positive impact across all ages. We all like hanging out with family and friends – so whether you live in a community or a campus, we each crave the same connection that comes from spending time with one another (even if some of us prefer more downtime than others!). The benefits of socialization include:

  • Having a sense of safety.
  • Increased happiness.
  • Improved mental capacity.
  • A decrease in likelihood of dementia symptoms.

At Trilogy, we make it our mission to connect with our residents in everything that we do. Whether it’s through our Life Enrichment programs our four-star dining experience, we’re always looking for opportunities to learn more about the individual – whether it’s through an old story, a lifelong passion, or a new adventure they want to go on.

*One of the greatest adventures I saw happen this past year was one of our very own residents parachuting out of a plane! It was an incredible experience that was brought to life thanks to our Live A Dream program, offered through the Trilogy Community Foundation.

We’re also committed to celebrating every moment that we get to spend with our team members. Through our employee celebrations – or ER3’s, as we like to call them – we take time to present awards, offer prizes, and enjoy snacks and meals with the servant hearts who make our campuses home. The Trilogy Community Foundation also offers emergency and financial assistance to team members in need of a helping hand.

Simply put, socializing can help us become the best version of ourselves – whether the benefits are physical or mental. Joining a new club, going out to dinner with loved ones, reaching out to old friends…these actions might seem inconsequential, but in the end, they’re what truly make the difference.

Have an amazing February!

-Rhonda Dempsey, Chief Nursing Officer

Additional resources:

Mayo Clinic Minute: The Benefits of Being Socially Connected – Health Benefits of Socialization

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