By Judy886583 via CARING

September 2, 2022

The Willows was a brand-new and very nice facility. However, when I did take a tour of it with a friend of mine who’s looking seriously at that time, I didn’t care for it at all because of the fact that the rooms were sort of like hospital rooms. The people were excellent and the facility was beautiful since everything was nice and new, and on one floor. They had a lot of activities for people, and separate kitchen areas. In the room, you can had a bed, a television, a small refrigerator, and a sink, but it’s not set up as an apartment. It’s was set up the way a hospital room would be with a refrigerator and no stove or anything. They have a nice eating area and everything. The staff was wonderful. They had senior citizens come in once a month and serve them lunch, but they don’t charge anything for it. I know that they’re given a certain amount to help, but they put on a nice meal and the people really like that. It’s not something that I’m interested in, but the people who were there were really nice and the residents seemed very happy. They had a little library and different things, and it was really neat that they had named the hallways after different people in Howell. And, of course, now that I’m a senior of Howell myself, I know of a lot of the people who the hallways were named after. It’s a very nice place and easy to get to.

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