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September 12, 2022

My sister was at The Willows in The Legacy Building. I knew the minute I went in the Legacy our prayers had been answered. A young lady named Danielle took us to see the building. She knew the name of each resident and their story. The building is beautiful and clean. The nurses and Techs, the cooks and and house keepers were awesome. We fell in love with the staff and the residents. Once there was an issue with a nurse who should not have been with Alzheimer’s patients. She was gone next day. They went riding in their bus, had awesome recreation staff. Time came when my sister was dying, Hospice took over her care with legacy staff. They treated my sister so beautifully I get tears. The last day, everything went beautifully. Staff that was off came to be with us. Tina, Jordon, and Michelle held me and Cheryl her daughter. Jordon cleaned her up and I walked back in. Jordon said I hope you don’t mind but I shaved her legs because I know Margie would want to look good. Precious girls all of them. Keisha,Sally, Belinda, Christian,Tracy,the cooks, all were so good with her. The nurse on duty that day was precious. We gave her Margie’s big Tiger. I hope you see The legacy is a good place to take your loved one. As they change they become rascals and go in others rooms and do some silly things. Things they would never do before. I can tell you this illness is so sad to watch. Your heart will break but when it ends it is a blessing. I know I have left off some names, but you all know Cheryl and I love you and Thank you.

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