By Lynda via CARING

August 29, 2022

I toured The Lakes of Monclova for my dad, and I was very, very impressed with them. Their assisted living director showed me around the assisted living. I went through that, and I went to the memory care building. Out there in the memory care building, the person who was in charge was just really phenomenal. She has a great idea and a great plan for the residents. She considers everything – their rhythm and their routines. She schedules everything according to how the residents respond during the day and what their rhythms are. I can’t say enough about the memory care side of things. When I walked in, it was right around noon and I said, “Oh, something smells really good.” and she said, “Yes, that’s exactly what we try to do. We put something in the oven so that they can smell it.” All the residents were coming out of their rooms because they could smell the food. They knew that it was mealtime. It was great. What better way to get them out as opposed to going in and dragging them out? She just has a really good grasp on what kinds of activities to do when. It’s homey, but it’s also that they’re being observed. You get the feeling that it’s not too big, so that they can’t wander off somewhere where they’re not seen. It made me feel comfortable that there were enough people around if something were to happen. Something else that I notice is that the residents were very quiet. They weren’t agitated, weren’t upset, and weren’t yelling. I’ve seen different places where memory care can be very chaotic, and this was not what I saw here. I’m pretty sure that’s where we’ll end up, but I want mom to take a look, too. When I was there smelling the food, I was watching the people come up. Obviously they were anxious to eat, which doesn’t always happen.

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