By Kimberly via CARING

September 30, 2022

Stonegate Health Campus Assisted Living was very elite in terms of the décor and stuff. I would not be comfortable there. It was just like you felt like you had to be dressed up all the time. For my dad to be in a place like that, is not going to go very well. The staff did a very good job. It was clean, and I like that. It was more of a hospital setting because they had a nurses station, like in the hospitals. When they came for their lunches, they were all served in their rooms. They didnt’ have a cafeteria or a dining room where they would go and have lunch; it was all in their rooms. They would bring the cart down the hall like they do in the hospitals and serve their lunch and stuff. You could smell that the food smelled like hospital food. It didn’t smell like somebody cooking a roast or whatever. I don’t know whether it was the staff’s first time giving the tour or what, but she acted like she’s very nervous. She was having a hard time keeping her mind on track. She just gave us all the pertinent information we needed, but she was a little nervous.

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