By Sharon6 via CARING

August 15, 2022

Stonebridge is a very attractive facility with interesting and beautiful decor. It’s dining room is up-scale with white table cloths and nice silverware; music plays in the background. There is a very nice Library room which can double as a room for celebrations, like the Birthday party we had for my Grandmother. The “T.V. room” and lobby area were as nice as any three or four star hotel. The resident’s room were nicely painted and comfortable. Nearly all of the staff members were very conscientious of my Grandmother’s needs, both mental and physical comfort, and many of them befriended her as much as the staff – resident relationship would allow. The physical therapy they offer there is reputed to be one of the best in their vicinity. One draw-back of the facility, which most facilities have from what I have heard, is that there is not enough staff on any given shift to get all of the wheelchair bound patients to the Dining Room, without having to start about one hour early. Therefore, the patients who nurses and aides get first, must sit in the Dining Room nearly an hour, waiting for the rest to get their and ultimately, their meal to be served. Then it is the same problem when the meal is over, only in reverse. This unfortunately happens three times per day. Otherwise, I would give this facility a very good rating. I can’t speak for the extra curricular activities as I was never there during any but I realize it should be an important part of the facility.

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