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October 17, 2022

Our relative lives here and has for about 2.5 years now. He moved in after a major stroke, when he was actually on the road to recovery. For the first 2 years, he didn’t need much in way of offered services. But now that he has been diagnosed with vascular dementia (which is a rapid declining dementia), decisions to increase services have had to be made. We are so very impressed with the resident staff. He is sometimes not an easy man to deal with due to the decline. He can be angry, confused & irritable – classic dementia symptoms. He is paranoid and accuses those who help him most of stealing, etc.Which means the staff -But they are patient and kind with him. We even looked at moving him, feeling he needed more care. The doctor’s actually were quite adamant. But what we discovered is between the increase in offered services and our increase in visits that FR is by far the best place for him to be at this time. The staff calls with any medical and behavioral changes, which has been pdaily some weeks. The dining hall is classy. Staff waits completely on residents, creating the restaurant atmosphere needed to make residents feel pampered. Kitchen staff are more than willing to take special orders, when possible. Different size apartments are available. Each resident decorates and makes their place as individual as they like. And as far as cost goes? Everywhere is expensive. It’s the staff that makes FR so lovely. They know all the little quirks of each resident in their care and treat them with respect. We highly recommend anyone looking for a place for their loved one to look at Forest Ridge.

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