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September 9, 2022

I’ve had a family member staying at Homewood for a couple weeks or so, and I have to say, out of the three extended care facilities this family member has stayed at in the last year, Homewood is by far the best. I’ll list the reasons why I like it.1. The staff. The staff is, without a doubt, the most friendly nursing staff I’ve seen anywhere, bar none. This includes hospitals. The nurses, with an exception or two that I shrug off for a bad day, or a rough night, are always smiling and happy to help with any concerns. The aides are, most of the time, very quick to assist with whatever the patient needs (where in this case, the patient is my specific family member). The therapy staff is eager to assist, and excited to see even small steps being made in progress toward a larger goal.2. The level of care. I’m impressed, and I’m not easy to impress. During a meeting, a few concerns were addressed, and within 24 hours, those concerns were not only addressed, but solutions were reached that please everyone involved.3. The atmosphere. Many nursing facilities, including one other I’ve had experience with, have an apathy to them. A feeling of “one foot in the grave” sort of atmosphere. Combine this with the stereotypical “nursing home smell”, and they are sometimes not fun to visit.Homewood takes these stereotypes and blows them away. It’s a well-lit facility, spacious, clean, and smells like home. There are several areas for patients and guests to sit rather than shoved in a corner in their rooms.4. Lastly, but also important, is the food. I’d say it’s somewhere between hospital grade and home-cooked. Some of it is good, some of it doesn’t quite reach the bar, but overall, I’d rate the food a solid 4/5 stars.I’m impressed by Homewood, and will update my review if anything changes. In my experience though, the first four or five days, the first week, says a lot about a facility, and I don’t feel like my family member or their frequent visitors (myself usually), have worn out our welcome here.

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