By Reviewer0402 via CARING

October 9, 2022

My mother is at Covered Bridge Health Campus. It is excellent, very congenial, very supportive, and very clean. Food is outstanding, too. They also give many options for each person as to what they want. It is also freshly prepared, and residents can get as much as they want. The staff members are very compassionate, but it takes awhile for them to get the regimen down for their residents. Sometimes there is a shortage, but they compensate that very well. The only thing is that sometimes they let the residents make the decision when the residents shouldn’t be making the decision. It should be based on practicality and better judgement. My mother enjoys the church, the bingo, and the music program. She has been there for about six weeks now, so she is still adjusting. However, they communicate with us, and they let us know what’s going on.

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