By Cindy via CARING

September 10, 2022

My dad and his wife are in Cobblestone Crossings in Terre Haute. I chose it because they’re 10 minutes away from me. They have a maid service that comes there and cleans a couple of times a month. The traffic in Greenwood where they were scared me to death, but Terra Haute is a smaller city, so it’s easier to get around. Dad says he’s back on his feet, and he’s doing really well now. I go over and do breakfast and then I deliver dinner to him every night. I look in a couple of times a day to make sure he’s doing alright. His wife has Alzheimer’s, so we kind of take care of her together. They’re both in a duplex that’s 1400 sq ft. It has an attached garage for a single car. It’s $2100 a month in the duplex and it was $5500 a month if we find anything compatible in Greenwood. So, he’d pay half the money if he was here. It just all makes sense for them to move in here financially. He’s well enough now, he argues with you, and he knows when you’re treating him like a 3-year old. I know he’s 84, but you wouldn’t guess that because he’s fine. He was in the hospital for weeks. He was unable to take care of himself for several weeks, but now he’s fine. They had activities, but with Covid they’ve stopped doing a lot of that. On Fridays, they have a “happy hour” where everybody gets together. In the morning for breakfast, they can go to the dining that they can walk to and it’s basically across the street. The staff would come by and talk to them and see how they’re doing. It’s a very small community that they walk a lot and everybody knows everybody. It’s really a nice neighborhood. Everybody’s around their age, so they look out for one another. We only deal with Andy who takes care of everything. They don’t even need to change the light bulb, they just call Andy and say, “Hey the dishwasher backed up” or if they’re having trouble with something, he’d just send people to do that. They really don’t interact much with the staff because they’re independent. I picked this place because they’re independent living, but they can always go to assisted living where they have more services brought to them. There is also memory care right across the street, so everything is right there. The duplex looks very nice and updated. It goes in a very large cul-de-sac, and they all look alike except for their numbers. It’s all well-maintained and Andy takes care of the independent living housing and all of their needs. He knows who to call to get whatever they need fixed or brought to them. He’s very good. The duplex looked new and freshly painted when they moved in. Right now, they’ve done away with a lot of the activities. They’ve not had a lot of Covid in there; they’ve had 1 or 2 cases. They post daily updates through emails, so you can look every day and get updates of what’s going on. We’re pretty much happy in there.

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